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10 Reasons To Start

Hockey offers you everything other sports do, plus so much more.

We hear it all the time, how much fun hockey is. It’s one of the many reasons people love it. But hockey is more than fun. It’s 100% unique. In the world of sports, we’re hard pressed to think of one that combines the speed, action and drama that hockey does. With hockey you get all the goodness other team sports offer, plus everything unique to our game.

Unlike other sports hockey is fast paced and exciting with end to end action. There isn’t the delay between plays like other popular sports. The ice also adds an element of speed unlike any other. Shooting, passing, breakaways, one timer’s, big saves – it’s all good!

Hockey is not only all of the above, but it will also build confidence and self esteem. It will teach your youngster discipline and teamwork, and it’s definitely good for their health. What really sets hockey apart is the FAMILY.

Especially in hockey, there is a bonding the other sports do not match. Player to player. Parent to parent. Family to family. It’s hard to describe but easy to experience. If you are nervous about getting involved in a sport you may know very little about…don’t be. There is a support system within the Hockey Family that has been refined and past down many times over.

Plus you have us in your corner.

10 Reasons To Start Now


Top ten reasons why starting hockey is right for you and your child
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Low Price – Most youth programs supply free-to-use equipment. If you need to buy though, modern entry level equipment performs at a much higher level than even just a few years ago, giving you more performance for less of your dollar.
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Enjoyment – Hockey is fun and unlike any other sport. It is fast, exciting and dramatic. It is the ultimate team sport full of players and parents looking out for one another.
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Advanced Equipment - From composite sticks to composite skates, modern equipment is more advanced than at any other time - which helps beginning players learn to maximize their abilities.
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Commitment – Like any sport, you get out what you put in. There are thousands of just-for-fun, beginner's leagues that are perfect for casual fans, kids or parents simply testing the waters.
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Research - Millions of dollars are spent each year on research into smarter protection and education for parents and players on how to play the game safer.
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Safety - From smarter helmets to smarter rules, the game of hockey has seen a changing of the guard in player safety and equipment design. Safety is the #1 priority from the USA Hockey governing body to the equipment manufacturers.
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Love Your Game – From parents to players, we hear it time and again how much they loved it once they started. Once try is all it takes. The love of the game is strong.
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New Technology – Its fingerprint can be seen throughout the game. From allowing for stronger and more affordable equipment to preventing injury, technology is helping parents, players and coaches play safer and make better decisions.
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Hockey Family - It sounds corny, but to the people that play hockey truly is a family. Just ask any of the carpool parents or pass-me-down equipment managers that saw great things in the game. You don't get to the top without a support system.
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Tradition – Hockey is passed down from generation to generation unlike any other sport. The bond between veteran and rookie is unmistakable and it’s endearing.